In your search for a photographer I can imagine that you've narrowed down the style of photography that you love. But have you thought about the actual shots you'd like to have of your wedding day? There are some images from your big day that you'll want to treasure forever. Want to know which ones I'm talking about? Take a look below 😀
top 10 essential wedding photo shot of bride and groom having picture taken in woods on iphone by buckinghamshire photographer david lefebvre
Those precious, nervous and exciting pre-wedding moments are so special. It's very helpful to share your timings with your photographers so that if you want images of you having your make up done, then the photographer knows when your make up artist will be there.
You've more than likely agonised over what to wear on your wedding day. You've also likely tried on several options before finding the one. Why not ask your photographer to capture your final choice in all its glory? Either hanging in a beautiful location or where it looks its best, on you. Capturing intricate and personalised details will really remind you of how it felt to wearing it when you're looking back on your gorgeous photos. 
romantic photo of bride and groom walking in buckinghamshire countryside after wedding in swanbourne smiling at each other under transparent umbrella with photographer david lefebvre
Depending on the style of photography you've chosen (and this is particularly true for those who have chosen a candid style) you may feel that group shots can come across as too staged. You will have chosen your photographer based on their style which will give you some insight into how they typically tackle group shots. But please trust us when we tell you that you will want photos of specific sets of people together on the day. Whether that's your gaggle of Aunts, friends from uni or simply your wedding party. Have a think about what you want these shots to look like but most importantly, make sure you're clear on who you want to be in them. 
group shot of guests dressed for warm weather walking down italian road at destination wedding in san galgano abbey taken by wedding photographer david lefebvre
Family shots often end up being the most treasured by the couple. So whatever family looks like to you, get them together and get some wedding photos together!
top 10 must have family photo wedding shots in blue and grey suits smiling on balcony in sheffield taken by david lefebvre photographer from buckinghamshire
The big moment when all the nerves and joy somehow to come together - this is an essential part of the day to capture and document. It's also a moment your other half doesn't get to see, so capture it on camera to make sure they can see just how excited you were!
top 10 essential wedding photos taken in woodland wedding venue in swanbourne featuring bride and father about to walk down the aisle together with dried flowers and smiles
There's nothing more joyful than an exit shot from the ceremony - you finally did it and you got married! And now the fun can begin with a massive blow out party.
the top 10 essential wedding photos image of confetti and exit shot of smiling couple surrounded by friends and family at candid countryside wedding in swanbourne taken by david lefebvre
Sadly you'll probably only get a week or so from a fresh flower bouquet, so make sure you have lots of lovely images of it from all angles. There is usually a 'back' as well, so make sure you ask your florist or ask a bridesmaid which way it should be held too.
Your hard work in planning your wedding often culminates in what your venue looks like - the tables, place settings, florals, all of you ideas end up here for guests to enjoy. Your photographer (hopefully me) will usually sneak into your venue to capture an amazing shot of the setup before guests see it but make sure that you've communicated this with them - especially if the details are really important to you.
Now I totally appreciate that for a lot of people, having to do a first dance is hugely stressful, let alone have it photographed. But I promise you, by that point in the day, you'll be having too much fun to even care. You'll be so full of joy that you'll want to dance your socks off all night. Your first dance can always include the wedding party and your guests too! It doesn't have to be just the two of you on the dance floor.
lovely first dance photo taken by candid wedding photographer david lefebvre in early evening in barn surrounded by lights friends and family in buckinghamshire with browns and orange colours in low lighting boho style edit
Whether it's jam, chocolate or cheese the cake cutting represents the first activity done as a couple and can make for some charming and often hillarious moments to look back on. Also it's great to look back on the scrummy mouth-watering cake made just for the two of you!
bright and vibrant essential wedding photo of young couple cutting cake inside wedding barn at swanbourne in buckinghamshire stood cutting cheese cake at oak table with photographer david lefebvre
If you'd like to find a photographer who comes with the Rock My Wedding seal of approval as well as several happy couples, you're in the right place 😊 If you want to know more about me and my photography please take a look at my about me section and my what to expect page for more about how I become a part of your special day.
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