cute smiling bride and groom leant over plants in green house at plum park manor hotel in towcester northampton colourfully edited by buckinghamshire wedding photographer david lefebvre
Choosing a photographer for your big day can be a challenging task. There are many factors to take into account and the first question should be: is the photographer you are considering for the booking available on that day? 

To see my various photography packages and pricing please take a look at my Packages & Pricing Page. To check if I am available on your wedding day please navigate to the Contact page or call 07949 331989. You can also email me at and I will typically reply on the same day.
super happy bride and groom walking out of plum park manor hotel in towcester through confetti aisle with colourful confetti and smiling friends and family taken by northamptonshire photographer david lefebvre
"He was very friendly, nothing was too much trouble and the photos he took for us were amazing - I would highly recommend his services!"
romantic wedding photo of couple walking down dusty road surrounded by huge trees in golden sunlight with bride and groom smiling at each other by david lefebvre photography
>   Your wedding day will be intense for you emotionally and you will want to work closely with your photographer throughout the day. Therefore it is important that you find a photographer that you can be comfortable with on a personal level. To help you make a decision I am more than happy to meet up for a cup of tea and a chat. We can meet at a coffee shop, otherwise I could visit you if you like or you could visit me. If time is an issue, we can communicate via Skype, telephone, or email.

>   It is vital that you like the style of photography your photographer practices and that you are happy with the quality of the images. To get an idea please visit my WEDDINGS page to see the amazing weddings I have been very fortunate to be part of. I will answer all of your questions and we can discuss any special requests you might have for yourselves and your guests.

>   If you decide that you would like me to be your photographer the next step is setting up a contract that we both sign. Once the contract is signed and a 30% deposit is paid, the day is considered booked for you. (The remaining 70% can be paid 2 weeks before your big day).
funny groom and groomsmen photo of groom pretending to show off brides ring in garden getting ready and laughing together in manchester taken by wedding photographer david lefebvre
"David captured such a special day in mine and my husbands life, our wedding! He did an amazing job and we couldn't be happier with the photos."
father hands over bride and daughters hand to groom at sheffield church full of love and tears taken by david lefebvre wedding photographer
>   We will specify the hours of coverage and all the locations I will be required to visit on the day: getting ready location, ceremony location, reception location.

>   Depending on proceedings during the big day I can confidently commit to delivering several digital images per hour of coverage. I do not like to delete good images, so I will deliver all usable photos. The final number will depend on what goes on during the day.

>    I will commit to delivering the edited images within 6 weeks from the wedding day. In most cases I will actually deliver a lot sooner.

>    The digital images are delivered by:

1. the high-resolution images on a USB stick in the post
2.  the web size images in an elegantly presented online gallery (password protection available upon request).

On the wedding day, I can distribute - optional and free -  mini cards to all the guests, giving them the link to the gallery and the password. Not to worry, the link will only go live once you have viewed the images and decided which ones you want to share with your guests.

>   Payment is made in two installments: a 30% deposit when the contract is signed, to save the date, and the 70% balance, no later than 2 weeks before the wedding day.

>   The agreement specifically allows you to make as many prints as you like and share the images any way you like.
bride and groom look into each others eyes smiling surrounded by woodland at endeavour woodland wedding venue in swanbourne buckinghamshire taken by local wedding photographer david lefebvre
"We would 100% recommend David for wedding photography, you will be in the safest, most professional, friendliest and creative hands!"
happy young at heart bride and groom sat on blanket at outdoor woodland wedding in swanbourne buckinghamshire taken by wedding photographer david lefebvre
We're an awkward and camera-shy couple and we're worried we won't look good!
I hear you, and I totally understand because I’m exactly the same! When I photograph weddings I love to capture natural moments. No strange posing, no fakery just everyone having a great time.

When I steal you away for your couple photos, we’ll wander around your venue and laugh and chat about the day so far. I’ll only ever encourage you to be yourselves and focus on each other. Your couple session will be short, sweet and really relaxed. Easy peasy!

If you’re still nervous and fancy a test drive first, why not book a pre-wedding shoot? You can find out all the benefits of a pre-wedding shoot on my Packages & Pricing page.
Do you watermark your images?
I never watermark the images I deliver to clients.

Do you bring backup equipment? 
Just in case there is a fault or something with the camera. Every bit of equipment has backup: I use 2 cameras, 5 lenses, countless batteries and memory cards. Once I arrive home, all of the images get copied onto my computer, and then backed up onto external hard drives as well. I am really careful to avoid any risk in this respect.

Is there a charge for your travel?
The final agreed sum will include travel and/or overnight expenses if necessary. I am also ready and willing to travel abroad too. If the location is based in Buckinghamshire the travel cost will be minimal. I am confident we can come to an agreement whether the location is near or far either way.

The venue we have booked: have you ever worked there before? If not would you be able to meet at the venue to discuss shots with us?
It is always good to visit the location beforehand, if possible. If it is not too far, we could have our face-to-face meeting at the venue, and at the same time scout the angles and locations for pictures. Or, if it suits you better, I could visit the venue on my own.

What happens if you are unavailable on the day? For example if you fall ill, do you have standby support?
If for some reason I cannot make it on the day - which has never happened so far - I have a few wedding photographer friends who I can ask to step in.

Can we also request certain shots?
I am very flexible and my main aim is to have a satisfied couple in the end, so yes, you can request absolutely any shots you desire.

Do you require a meal at the wedding?
I will have to eat and most clients do offer food to the photographer, ranging from a sandwich in the lobby to a full wedding menu - very generous, as it is expensive. Other clients do not offer any food, and that absolutely fine. I can easily bring my own food.

Do you work alone? If so are you able to bring another photographer? Would there be an additional charge?
I normally work alone. Booking a second photographer if they are available is certainly an option if you need it. It would cost from £250 depending on the time they were required.

What is your photography style and working style?
My photography style has been described by clients and others as "natural" and "authentic". I like to capture spontaneous moments and real emotions. Of course, I take the formal shots as well, like group shots, and the couple's portraits. For couple's portraits, I try to evaluate the mood and get people to relax if necessary with a joke, changing poses, locations etc.

In terms of working style: on the day I focus on the wedding exclusively. I am totally immersed in order to feel the energy of the day, tune in to people's emotions and get inspired. I love photographing a wedding and I rarely take a break. Past clients have commented on my work rate. Please have a look through the Kind Words section.​​​​​​​

What do you think distinguishes your work from other photographers?
I believe it is the spontaneity in the images that most distinguishes me from other photographers. Also the work rate, which allows me to deliver images from all corners of the reception, portraits of the guests at the ceremony, etc. Clients have been very grateful in the past for having all types of moments captured that they had not expected to be photographed. 

How would you be dressed on the day?
I normally wear a long sleeve shirt, chino trousers and smart brogue shoes - I need to be comfortable, for such a long day with all types of physical strains. Upon request, I can of course put on a formal suit or some other outfit. I am totally flexible on this issue.

Do you offer a pre-wedding shoot?
We can arrange a pre-wedding shoot, however, this is not included in the basic package and would cost extra. This is because, including planning, shooting, editing, it takes more than a day of work. Such a shoot would provide some nice images you can use at the wedding in some form.
You could also use a pre-wedding photo shoot as a way to test your choice of photographer. Have the photo shoot, which is a smaller financial commitment than the wedding itself, and afterwards decide if you would like the same photographer to photograph your wedding as well.​​​​​​​
boho bride and groom wearing off white suit and dress walk through beautiful green meadow in somerton uk taken by david lefebvre a buckinghamshire wedding photographer
"David is a great photographer. He has a great way with people and making them feel at ease, very polite and to the point. Very professional and works hard to produce the best photos. He also blends well in to the crowd which makes him capture some great natural looking photos."
bride and groom knelt by church brick wall with pet dog wearing blue bow tie featuring lovely colourful flowers taken at somerton by wedding photographer david lefebvre
As of January 2021, it looks like we are settling for a few months of a National Lockdown followed by local tiered lockdowns after that. The government have restricted weddings to no more than 6 guests (plus those working at the wedding) and only in exceptional circumstances. I am very wary of making any predictions but I can see the easing of restrictions around large social gatherings like weddings taking a low priority on the government’s agenda following the science.
I think it will depend on so many different factors, nationally and internationally. There are simply so many variables to make a solid prediction over what 2021 will look like. I am ever the optimist and feel that we will be back on a bit more of an even keel by Easter – beyond that, I couldn’t hope to say honestly.
My commitment to couples is the same – I will help with everything that I can; if plans change, you need to postpone or split your wedding into a smaller ceremony and big party later on in the year, I will do whatever I can to accommodate your plans.
groom and bride stood kissing in front of the camera in oxford town center for winter oxfordshire hall wedding taken by photographer david lefebvre
"David is a lovely person and is so friendly. The day went so quickly, therefore I am so pleased I have photos which will last forever."
bride and groom leaving san galgano abbey in italy married in the summer down confetti aisle with destination wedding photographer-david lefebvre from buckinghamshire uk
As photographers, we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that there is cover for any photographer affected by the virus. If I am ill or even at the slightest risk of passing on the virus, then you will have a photographer who isn’t and there will be no concern about any of your guests catching it. 

With the wedding itself, I would wholeheartedly advise keeping in contact with your venue and/or significant wedding suppliers. 
Communication is going to be essential.

Hopefully it wont come to this, but if you have to postpone your wedding, I would be happy to transfer your booking over to your new date as long as I have that date available. 

I appreciate this is an anxious time for all of us. But I hope that it won’t disrupt your plans & that we can all stay happy and healthy.

As standard, I’ll be in touch about 4 weeks before your wedding and we can talk through plans, timings and logistics as normal. We can also chat over the situation as it stands then – I suspect things will be changing fairly frequently this year.
bride and groom at rustic boho wedding at plum park hotel manor in towcester stood outside large green house in vibrant garden taken by buckinghamshire photographer david lefebvre
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