Take a look at some of Gaydelia and Stephen's magical moments from their colourful and romantic day at Plum Park Manor in Towcester Northamptonshire. It was a stunning and love filled day and full of tears and laughter from start to finish! You can find out more about the stunning venue here and if you'd like to know more about me and my services head to my Packages & Pricing page.
bride gaydeliya sat with bridesmaids looking at her white dress in mirror reflection smiling with maid of honour at towcester wedding at plum park manor by david lefebvre photography
vibrantly dressed guests stand on grass smiling at colourful wedding in towcester at plum park hotel venue featuring bride and groom taken by photographer david lefebvre photography
beautiful tanned bride stood holding floral bouquet wearing headband and pearl earrings by wooden seats at aisle at plum park manor taken by wedding photographer david lefebvre
bride and groom stephen and gaydeliya smiling at buckinghamshire wedding photographer david lefebvre surrounded by pink and white flowers at an oak table
colourful confetti being thrown at bride and groom smiling at guests and friends and family at plum park manor hotel in towcester taken by wedding photographer david lefebvre photography
groom stephen and bride gaydeliya share a romantic kiss outside by green hedges at plum park manor wedding venue with vibrant bouquet taken by wedding photographer david lefebvre from towcester
stephen the groom leans over flowers in green house about to kiss his bride gaydeliya in white with colourful vibrant bouquet and headband taken by wedding photographer in buckinghamshire david lefebvre
bride gaydeliya and groom stephen stand outside big green house by neatly cut hedges smiling with colourful bouquet of roses at plum park manor wedding in towcester taken by david lefebvre photography
moody and romantic evening with young brunette bride gaydeliya and stephen walking down driveway at plum park manor wedding venue with golden sunlight on tall oak trees taken by northampton and buckinghamshire photographer david lefebvre


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