mum and daughter smiling at camera man david lefebvre in stowe woods holding each other near bicester
mum and daughter wearing pink walking through stowe woods smiling wearing pink
mum and daughter sat on wooden bench smiling wearing pink looking at david lefebvre at stowe woods near bicester
young girl wearing pink smiling exploring stowe woods near bicester with curly hair
happy mum smiling with straight blonde hair dressed in pink floral dress with white boots in stowe woods near bicester
mum holds daughter in wood log den in stowe woods near bicester wearing pink dresses and green cardigan with blonde hair
mum and daughter stood by wooden stump smiling at each other in bright sunshine wearing pink floral dresses with white and pink boots
close up of young girl wearing pink dress and green cardigan holding seeds in stowe woodlands with mums hand on her head with blonde hair
mum leant by tree holding daughter wearing pink dresses and green cardigan in stowe woodlands close to bicester
cute photo of mum holding daughter on wooden bench in stowe woods near bicester smiling with blonde hair wearing pink dresses
small young girl smiling proudly on tree stump in stowe woods close to bicester village on photo shoot session
cute toe to toe photo of dm styled boots in white and pink featuring pink floral dresses in dirt on photo session adventure with david lefebvre
mum and daughter leant peeking by tree in stowe woods wearing pink dresses and big smiles
mum holds daughter and smiles towards the ground by tall tree in stowe woods near bicester taken by david lefebvre
Laura wanted to share her experience with you:
"David stepped in at the last minute to cover a shoot. The shoot had a weight of emotional significance for me - so I was nervous at not having met beforehand. The moment David arrived I felt instantly at ease with him. He made us all feel comfortable, gave calm but clear direction and even made space to indulge my ideas! The end result is a set of photographs I will treasure for the rest of my life. I can’t stop looking at them and imagining my daughter (now 5) having one hanging in her own home when she’s older. I couldn’t recommend David more."
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